NRV is Pleased to Introduce the Jamiya Project


About Jamiya

The Jamiya Project brings together Syrian academics, European universities, local partners and online learning platforms to reconnect Syrian students with their education.

Currently there are 100,000 Syrian students who are unable to start or complete university due to the on-going war which is decimating a whole generation of learning and further detracting from the hopes of the country’s rehabilitation.

Conflict on a scale such as that seen in Syria disturbs and disperses the institutions and networks that would have previously provided university education. The lucky few who are in a position to resume their education abroad face a range of barriers, including prohibitive costs, visas and language skills. The Jamiya Project reverses this challenge by replacing the institutional and infrastructural backing required for higher education and providing the means to reconnect Syrian academics to Syrian students despite conflict and displacement. For more information please see below or www.jamiya.org

Jamiya’s Aim

The mission of the Jamiya Project is to provide Syrian refugee students with higher education opportunities that are accessible, flexible and relevant, ensuring they have the knowledge and skills to succeed as individuals and in contributing to society.

Jamiya’s Objectives

Accessible and relevant course content: courses will be designed collaboratively between Syrian academics and universities, with content drawn from existing courses which can then be translated into Arabic and supplemented with content by Syrian academics. This not only makes content immediately accessible to Syrian students, but also promotes intercultural awareness and bridges educational differences.

Flexible learning: drawing on the flexibility of self-study online courses, learning will take place primarily using an online learning platform hosting course content and lectures, with online tutoring and discussions facilitated by Syrian academics. This will be supplemented with two ‘blended’ elements: face-to-face short courses and access to local learning centres hosting equipment and space for collaborative study with other Syrian students.

Relevant qualifications and skills: the Jamiya Project aims to offer qualifications that are accredited and assist with employment or further study, whilst recognising the uncertainty of Syrias’ future and the difficulties of their situation. Therefore, shorter higher education qualifications (diploma or foundation level courses) will be offered with a strong focus on skills. These will be made up of individual modules that are fully accredited by partner universities.

To make this model possible, the Jamiya Project is seeking to bring together a broad range actors: Syrian academics to provide their own knowledge and collaborate with universities on course design; universities to open up existing programmes and provide accreditation of qualifications; local partners to ensure that online courses and teaching are accessible to students on the ground; and online learning platforms to provide the connectivity between the different actors.

To Make Jamiya Happen We Need Your Help

Call for Funders 

The immediate goal of the Jamiya Project is to run a small pilot to test the proposed model.  As such, the Project is seeking a small grant to cover management and monitoring, university costs, academic fees, and local partner costs. Specifically, the pilot will test: demand for and usefulness of Arabic content; suitability of the learning method; and the method of course design and accreditation between Syrian academics and European universities. Two different 12 week courses will be provided to six groups of students, each consisting of 15 students across Jordan and Turkey.

Call for Professors 

The Jamiya Project is establishing a group of qualified Syrian (and other Arabic-speaking) academics who are willing to contribute to course design and teaching. Specifically, this would likely entail all or some of: developing supplementary course content, contextualising and translating existing university courses, online teaching, delivering a short face-to-face course on location, and examination. Expressions of interest from all academic backgrounds are welcomed as we hope to eventually offer a broad range of courses. For the pilot stage we are particularly looking for academics involved in computer science and the social and political sciences.

Call for Facilitating Partners  

The Jamiya Project wishes to engage more universities in discussions of how to open up course content to Syrian refugee students. Beyond the immediate pilot, the Jamiya Project envisages providing opportunities for Syrians across a range of subjects on several levels, and we are seeking further university partners to discuss what could be possible in this regard.

To find out more and get involved please contact ben@jamiya.org