What is NRV



Welcome to New Research Voices – NRV. NRV is a social space where researchers can have a voice by sharing their work, connecting with each other and learning about issues that are sometimes over-looked in the mainstream. NRV supports free and open research which shapes ideas and contributes to a better understanding of the word we live in. We believe in dialogue, collaboration, critical thinking, independence, sharing, openness and freedom in academia.

NRV works on the basis that researchers can contribute their research articles to the project, thus helping to promote themselves as researchers and bringing attention to important issues.

NRV is essentially a platform where new ideas can be shared and those who come up with those ideas can be given a voice. As the project progresses we would like to add new topics to our research volumes, so if you have an idea then please get in touch with us.

NRV will compliment each set of research we publish with interviews with the researchers involved. This will help to further promote the researcher, their work and the struggles and issues they face. This will also help to make research more impactful as it puts a face to the work and makes it more relatable to those who read it. That said, we understand that some researchers will prefer not to do this and of course that is their prerogative.

NRV is completely voluntary, non-profit, independent and non-affiliated with any institution. We have supporters such as the Scholar Rescue Fund, the Scholars at Risk Network, Science4Refugees, Netzwerk Flüchtlingsforschung and various other organisations and individuals who help us to promote the project. It is our hope that we can develop a network of researchers and organisations who can contribute to and benefit from the project. We have begun to achieve this by publishing our two initial issues, which focus on academia in in exile. In these issues we have brought together various researchers and organisations from around the world who wish to promote awareness of the difficulties that academics in exile face.

As we are entirely self-funded and are not seeking to make a profit, we are very grateful for any contributions (financial, ideas, assistance, etc…) anyone wishes to make to the project. In order to continue NRV, and to develop it to its full ability, we encourage people to get in touch with us to share their thoughts via info@newresearchvoices.org, @NRV2016 on Twitter or to make a donation through the PayPal icon on the sidebar. We hope you find our website interesting and useful and will join us in our journey.